what is trusculpt3d?

  • TruSculpt3D is a newly launched treatment that simultaneously reduces fat cells and tightens skin tissue.
  • It is the only FDA-cleared device that can be used on the entire body.
  • It uses a unique type of energy modality to reduce non-invasive fat.

does it work?

Dr. Amy Taub is the Founder and Director of Advanced Dermatology, LLC and Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Northwestern University Medical School. Her team conducted a truSculpt3D study with 13 patients to evaluate the efficacy of the device at 8 and 12 weeks post-treatment. 360 degree clinical photography was used and fat reduction was measured using controlled ultrasound.

Dr. Taub notes that each subject responded well to the study and achieved an average of 24% fat reduction in one single treatment, with up to 34% reduction confirmed by ultrasound at the 12-week interval.

Dr. Tahl Humes and Dr. Michael McGuiness evaluated the safety and efficacy of a single treatment with the truSculpt3D monopolar RF device using the 2MHz handpiece in 10 patients. In this small study, digital photographs and ultrasounds were used to evaluate the results at 12 weeks post-treatment. Overall fat reduction was consistent with the first study and the procedure was deemed safe and effective.

does it hurt?

Treatment with TruSculpt3D is generally described as easily tolerable. There’s no suction involved and no reports of cramping during the procedure, tingly sensations, numbness or delayed onset. Some patients describe a sensation akin to a hot stone massage and say it is relatively comfortable and tolerable.

However, Dr. DuPéré stresses that the procedure is not entirely pain free: “It’s heat, after all. The beauty of the treatment is that the temperature is monitored and fully customizable. We bring up the heat slowly, and like to bring it to a level that is tolerable for the patient, knowing that as high as we go, the better the results.”

In addition, the body cools down instantly once the treatment stops or the temperature is dialed down. Several studies note that patient pain scores during their treatment session ranged from a score of 2-4 out of 10.

how does trusculpt3d compare to coolsculpting and sculpsure?

Compared to CoolSculpt and SculpSure, the average fat reduction is similar across all three devices. The real difference is that truSculpt 3D offers skin tightening, can be used on the entire body, results in less discomfort and has no downtime.

side effects?

Moderate redness is expected and typically dissipates within a few hours. Mild edema and tenderness may develop and typically resolves within 24 hours. Superficial nodules or lumps may develop, which can be massaged down.

How much does trusculpt3d cost?

Cost varies per area, we must measure the area. Overall very affordable, and we take carecredit and have in house financing with as little as 150 down and 75 a month.

Trusculpt3D Video

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