Skin Tightening

You lose 1-2% of your collagen every year after the age of 25. How can you get it back and slow down aging?
Skin Lightening

How Skin Tightening Works:

Sublime uses Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Light energies to precisely heat the dermal tissue within the targeted treatment area. This causes the skin to:

  • Stimulate collagen production

  • Produce a firming effect in lax skin

  • Reduce fine wrinkles

  • Improve skin texture by smoothing and toning

Skin Tightening Before and After


  • FDA cleared for Skin Tightening via Wrinkle Treatment
  • Virtually a painless, non-surgical, and non-invasive treatment resulting in no downtime – you can return to your daily activities immediately following treatment
  • The precise heating of the targeted treatment area ensures a safe and effective treatment
  • Effective on all skin types and all skin colors
  • Uses no drugs and has minimal to no downtime

How Many Treatments Are Needed:

One treatment per month for a total of 3 treatments is the minimum depending on the condition of the skin. Once skin condition improves maintenance is 1-2 times a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sublime work?
The combined bi-polar radio-frequency and light energies of elōs technology precisely heat the dermal tissue, stimulating collagen production within the target treatment area. Fine wrinkles are reduced, facial contours improved and overall skin quality
When can I expect to see results?
Most patients see gradual and cumulative results throughout their Sublime treatment series. The total number of required treatment sessions depends on your skin’s condition.
Is Sublime right for me?
eTwo's technology is a safe and effective solution for most skin types.
Does it hurt?
Sublime is a gentle, comfortable treatment requiring no downtime. Many patients return to normal activities immediately after the treatment. Cooling of the skin’s surface provides enhanced safety and additional comfort.

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