Laser Hair Removal

We offer only the best state of the art technology for safe hair removal on all skin types with the gentlemax pro laser.

Not all lasers are created equal and even with the best laser its a knowledgeable technician that can make your treatments successful or a waste of time. Our laser is fast and I mean real fast we can treat underarms in about 60 seconds. The dynamic cooling that hits the skin before the laser cools the skin so quickly, some say they don't even feel heat from the laser and other its minimal. Most people can see results as soon as their first treatment. Quick, gentle and instant results keep people coming back. Below I will list everything you need to do to prepare for treatment and what you can expect after treatment.

Will it work for you?

Laser works on all skin types but it does not work on red, gray and white hair. If you are blonde you must be at least a dirty blonde color, I can let you know at a free consult if it would work for you, I am blonde I was told it would not work on me but my laser worked and I'm 99% hair free now. Anyone with brown or black hair it will work but not on peach fuzz (vellus hair). The thicker the hair and darker the better, but it can still be successful for others. Six treatments is always minimum on all areas of the body every 4 weeks. Touch-ups are needed for some but not all and we can discuss this at appointment time.

What to do before  laser hair removal: 

Most important, I cannot stress this enough, is NO SUN EXPOSURE for a minimum of 2 weeks before the treatment. Lets say we are treating your face, this means you must wear pharmaceutical grade sunscreen daily. You can buy this product through us or a doctors office. Over the counter sunscreens are not enough. You can apply once in the morning and be fine the rest  of the day if you are mainly indoors and just to and from the car etc. Sunscreen is not enough if you go to beach or pool or are in the sun more then a few minutes. You must wear a hat or not do laser until you are not doing these activities. Lets say we are treating an area of the body that's covered with clothing most of the day we can treat you with no issues. Pretty much if you feel the sun on you and its a area you are going to get lasered or are getting lasered run for the shade, put sunscreen on or cover the area. Also, NO SUNLESS TANNING, all color must be off the skin before coming in.

Also, NO ANTIBIOTICS 10 days prior to treatment. Some antibiotics can make you photosensitive. So its like you have been in the sun and, as stated above, that is forbidden.

We cannot treat you if you are pregnant, under 14 years old and a few other health conditions that are rare that will be on the health questionnaire. 

And last but definitely not least, this is so important, you must shave the area before you come in. NO waxing, No plucking, No threading, etc. Anything that pulls the root will make the laser treatment ineffective because, if the hair is not attached to the root, the laser cannot kill the hair. Shaving needs to be done within 24 hours of your appointment because, if I can see the hair coming through the skin, its going to be more painful for you and less effective. Only shaving or using of creams, like Nair, are allowed.    

What happens start to finish when you come in for your first appointment:

As you arrive, you can park in the parking lot or on the street. Google maps is best to get to our location. The app Waze doesn't send you to the correct location. Carrie or August will greet you and give you paperwork to fill out that takes about 5 minutes. Then we bring you to the treatment room and talk about the areas you want treated, make sure you qualify for treatment, at that time, and then go ahead with the treatment. After treatment we cash out and book your next appointment 4-6 weeks out. Pretty much you are in and out within 15 minutes, unless we are doing a larger area like legs or back. We respect your time and try to get people through quickly, to get back to your life. This is not like the doctors, you do not come in and wait, we usually see you immediately or within just a few minutes, so please be on time. If you have questions on other procedures or products, I will make time to talk to you just let me know.

What happens after your treatment:

You might be a little red and bumpy in the area, this is normal and usually goes away within a hour. If you experience more then that you need to contact us. In the next week or 2, some people continue to see the hair grow and then fall out. Some never experience this and just don't see much hair growth at all after treatment. Others don't see a change till after a few treatments. All is normal and could be different after each treatment. Anything that cause heat to the area treated, such as exercise, sun expose, hot showers or saunas should be avoided until the next day. That about covers it, any additional questions please ask at treatment time or text us.